TNA against Tamil people! confessed Srinathan MP

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TNA against Tamil people! confessed Srinathan MP

TNA parliamentarian C.Siritharan said Tamil National Alliance is acting against the Tamil people's opinions.He said this in a special presentation of the BBC Tamil news service.

The media asked,"Does the TNA Work Against the Tamil People's Policy? 

He said, "I agree that the Tamil National Alliance is functioning against the Tamil people's opinions. He further continued as " However, if you give this explanation, there are only 10 percent of those who understand it.Others are not in such a situation.

Because the relatives of the missing are still struggling. Political prisoners are not yet released.In such a situation, people have the idea that we are supporting the government without any condition.However, in comparison with the last government, this government is in the process of dealing with exemptions.

Apart from supporting this government on the other side, we do not know any other alternative, "said Member MP C.Siriaran.