IUSL sets up ‘Horu Go Gama’ in Polduwa!

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IUSL sets up ‘Horu Go Gama’ in Polduwa!

Protesters have erected a platform near the entrance to Parliament from Polduwa Junction in Battaramulla.

Sign boards with ‘Horu Go Gama’ (rogues go home) were erected by the protesters.

The Inter University Students Federation engaged in protests near the parliament entrance yesterday.

The protesters remained at the protest site throughout the night and were still there by this morning.

The police took steps yesterday morning to close some of the parliamentary entrance roads.

Parliament is scheduled to commence sittings at 10.00 am today.

Meanwhile, today marks the 28th day since the Galle Face protest began. It is reported that a large crowd had gathered at the protest site yesterday night (05).