Red alert by PUCSL chairman on power bills

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Red alert by PUCSL chairman on power bills

According to the Public Utilities Commission, the Ceylon Electricity Board will incur a loss of around Rs. 230 billion if it does not take action to increase electricity tariffs this year.

Its chairman Janaka Ratnayake says that the revision of electricity tariffs will be decided on the basis of government policies.

He further said, “It is decided based on government policies. If the government decides to give subsidies and to which groups this subsidy should be given, it is based on those policies that we decide how the tariff revisions would be made. Hence, when the government informs us of their policy, we will take the necessary action.”

No power cuts for Poya

Meanwhile, Janaka Ratnayake said that power cuts would not be enforced over the Vesak period tomorrow (15) and on Monday (16).

Uninterrupted power supply was provided during the recent Ramazan festival and Good Friday religious ceremonies.

He also said that there would not be a requirement to enforce 10 to 12 hour power cuts during the upcoming months, refuting rumors being circulated to this effect.