Wearing a red t-shirt doesn’t make you JVP-Sunil

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Wearing a red t-shirt doesn’t make you JVP-Sunil

Propaganda Secretary of the JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath has refuted claims that a majority arrested over the unrest reported on the 9th of May were part of the JVP.

JVP representatives today called on the Inspector General of Police for discussions over alleged charges of JVP involvement in the unrest.

Speaking to media subsequently MP Herath said during the talks it was determined that a majority among those arrested were not part of the JVP.

MP Herath said a majority among the group have been identified as supporters of other political parties.

He charged that certain individuals are engaged in political witch-hunts against the JVP and are engaged in seeking political vengeance.

The MP said the IGP claimed that he will look into it such statement.

Meanwhile, former JVP MP Sunil Handunnetti said wearing a red t-shirt alone doesn’t make an individual a JVP supporter.

He said efforts are underway to create a notion in society through social media that a JVP hand was at play in the unrest.

Handunnetti added they requested the IGP to speak to JVP representatives directly over any issues that arise.