Person traveling in bus arrested with firearm and bullets

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Person traveling in bus arrested with firearm and bullets

Police have arrested a person who was traveling in a bus while in possession of a pistol and 07 live rounds of ammunition.

Police said the incident was reported today (24) on the road near the Morawalapitiya filling station in Alawwa police area.

Due to a traffic jam at that location, an argument had arisen between a group of people on the road and a group of people inside a bus.

It was further reported that the group in the bus was on their way to participate in a funeral when the clash had taken place.

Police officers who were on duty near the fuel station at that time had then intervened to resolve the dispute.

Subsequently around 06 people who were on the road and inside the bus were arrested by the police officers on the suspicion of them planning to commit some crime.

The firearm was found in the possession of one of the arrested suspects who was in the bus.

Police stated that the suspects arrested in connection with the incident are aged between 33 and 53 years and that they are residents of Ahaliyagoda, Pindeniya, Diyahodella, Piliwalagana and Malmaduwa areas.

Alawwa Police is conducting further investigations regarding the incident.