The 22nd Amendment to parliament on Wednesday!

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The 22nd Amendment to parliament on Wednesday!

Minister of Justice Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapaksha said that the 22nd Amendment to the constitution bill, which was prepared by repealing the 20th Amendment and incorporating the positive clauses of the 19th Amendment, will be submitted to parliament on Wednesday (27th).

According to parliamentary standing orders, the bill can be debated one week after the first reading (if it is not challenged before the Supreme Court).

The Cabinet also recently approved the 22nd Amendment Bill. Thereafter, the bill was published in a gazette on the 24th of June.

It is noteworthy that anyone holding dual citizenship would not be able to engage in governance activities by this constitutional amendment bill.

The amendment also states that a Sri Lankan who is a citizen of another country should not be elected to Parliament by a vote.

It also states that if the Prime Minister resigns by sending a letter to the President with his own signature or if he is no longer a Member of Parliament, he is not eligible to hold this position.

The 22nd Constitutional Amendment states that the Prime Minister will hold his position as long as the Cabinet remains active.

It also states that if the President is of the opinion that Parliament has lost confidence in the Prime Minister during the period starting from the effective date of this Act and when the Parliament is to be dissolved, the Prime Minister can be removed from office.

It is also stated that the President should not make any appointment or assign or change subjects and tasks without consulting the Prime Minister.

It is stated that a minister can be removed by a letter sent under the signature of the President on the advice of the Prime Minister and any minister can resign from office by a letter with his signature sent to the President.

The constitutional amendment further states that if he or she is not a member of parliament, he or she will lose the position of non-cabinet minister or deputy minister.

When contacted in this regard, Chief Government Whip Prasanna Ranatunge said that President Ranil Wickremesinghe had given instructions to present the 22nd Amendment to the constitution bill to parliament. 

Accordingly, he said that the measures are being taken to include the bill to the parliament order paper.