Wasantha Mudalige is a relative – Vedda Chief

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Wasantha Mudalige is a relative – Vedda Chief

Although Inter University Student’s Federation President Wasantha Mudalige is not a member of his generation, he is a relative, said Vedda Chief Uruwarige Wanniyalatto.

He said this during his visit to Kandy yesterday (07) for the annual bee’s honey offering ceremony to the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.

The Vedda Chief said that it was difficult for him to comment about the struggles of the youth, adding that the youth of this country were heading in different directions.

He also noted that the task of finding solutions to the country’s problems cannot be entrusted to just one person while the rest do nothing, adding that everyone should contribute towards this endeavor to the best of their ability.

The Adivasi leader said that now is the right time for everyone to come together and find a solution, and it is important for everyone to understand this.