Sri Lankans alerted about fraudulent job offers in Thailand

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Sri Lankans alerted about fraudulent job offers in Thailand

The Sri Lanka Mission in Thailand has raised concerns about Sri Lankan nationals being lured for employment in Thailand, particularly for positions in Information Technology (IT) sector by dubious tech firms involved in call-centre scams and cryptocurrency fraud.

In a statement, Sri Lanka Mission said the victims are illegally taken across the border from Thailand, mostly into Myanmar, and held captive to work under harsh restrictive conditions.

Meanwhile, some of the victims have also been apprehended by authorities for illegal entry.

All these victimized Sri Lankans have arrived in Thailand on tourist visas, promising to convert the same to work visas after arrival, which has not been successful, the statement read further.

Sri Lankan nationals are therefore advised not to get enticed and entrapped in such fraudulent job offers and are requested to exercise extreme caution and verify the background of recruiting agents as well as any company before taking up any job offer.

The Sri Lanka Mission urged Sri Lankans to obtain Thai visa details from the Thai Immigration Bureau website via